In memoriam Sensei Palma Diosi. 1967-2017.

It has been three months since the karate-do family lost Palma Diosi, she passed suddenly last september 22th. For several weeks I have been thinking about her, assuming she will not come next spring to teach us, and remembering the feelings she left.

There are two sensations that insist to appear when I think on her.

First one, something I felt constantly at her classes, also in our conversations about

Con Palma en el Hombu Dojo, Dublín, diciembre 2016
Hombu Dojo, Dublín, december 2016

karate, life, people… I translated it as the idea of lightness. She insisted on the importance of take off the weight, physically, but also mentally. Through karate she taught you how to remove weight. From your body, your technique, your fixed ideas and dogmas; that subtracted spontaneity, decreasing your capacity to react. To avoid to feel fear on making a mistake, fear to be wrong. To avoid to think too much. She pushed you to act, to move, to jump, to play, to cheat. Not to stop even for a second, always heels up, body relaxed, open minded. Just react. Do something, a mistake maybe, but something. Loose your balance, move.

Irlanda, diciembre 2016
Ireland, december 2016

Second idea that comes to my mind is the concept Ichi-go Ichi-e, that remind us that every meeting, every confrontation, is an unique opportunity; and it makes each instant unrepeatable. Last time I trained with Palma, august 16th 2017 at Hombu Dojo in Dublín, she didn’t feel fine. Nonetheless, she gave her class with Ross Stewart Sensei as assistant. It was strange to see her not participating, no sweating, as she used to be 200% active in her classes.

Even so, her energy pushed us all to train. The day after, when we finished the Shidoin Geiko closing party -that, of course, she didn’t miss it- we said goodbye with a huge an a “see you soon, in Dublin or in Barcelona”.

Palma BCN 2017
Barcelona, april 2017

Sometimes in the daily life we can lose sight of the importance of every instant. Just the fact of repeat some things  make you loose the intensity, we take it for granted. The every week training, the same Kihon combination that look the same as the day before. Same Kata repeated again and again. To tie the Obi. The fellows, Senseis, friends inside and outside of the dojo. Hello, goodbye, see you tomorrow.

Sensei Palma Diosi
Sensei Palma Diosi

Every moment is unique. Every second in life unrepeatable. Every meeting, the first and the last.


OSU, Sensei.


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